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"True Stories from a Baby Boomer" by Stephen B. Satterwhite.

Stephen is a descendant of Susan (Bartee) & Edward Satterwhite.
This book was highly recommended to me, and I am recommending it to all of you. You may purchase the book from the link above or Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. You may put in the title and do a Google search, and the links come up. One site has several pages from the book. You can read, then judge for yourself before buying.

Welcome to my Arkansas Roots site. The surnames in brackets are links to information on that part of the family. I am hoping to have links to all the surnames in the near future.

In my research I find that my Satterwhite ancestors may have come into this country by way of Virginia. My direct line migrated through North Carolina, Georgia and on to Arkansas. Others in the family went to Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and into Texas. We may be scattered, but we are all still Satterwhite cousins.

My love for researching my family roots is very strong. Other than raising my children, I have not found anything that I love more.

Since I started climbing family trees, my respect for our ancestors has grown immensely. Now, when I see a war film, I think of our ancestors who fought in each war. Some gave their lives, and others came home with physical and emotional scars they would carry the rest of their lives.

I wish I had started my research years before I did. Now that I have started, I want to share everything, however small, with our family. Everything here is for you to take and share with our family members. Please do not add it to a CD or any other format to sell. Do not take pictures and materials from this site and place them on another Web site, without permission from me or the contributor. I did not do all the research alone. Others have been very generous in sharing their family history with us. My research was done with love and I share it with the same feeling.

Enjoy your time here. Be sure to check out all the family album pages. You will find photos of some of our ancestors. This is a labor of love, and I will continue to add photos and information as I am able.

I am very eager to share all I have with all who are interested. I am also eager to receive any information that I don't have. Please email!

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